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Pressureless sintering Silicon Carbide Products(S-SiC)

       SSIC ceramic was made from high purity and ultra-fine silicon carbide powder with a small quantity of sintering aids. Under inert gas or vacuum atmosphere of barometric pressure, these materials were sintering under high temperature 1950~2100℃, the ceramics products with excellent mechanical properties (smooth, wear-resisting, etc.) and chemical properties (stable, strong corrosion resistance, etc.) were almost completely dense. Differed from SISIC, SSIC ceramics do not contain free silicon and metal adhesives which are vulnerable to corrosion, and it has achieved excellent performance in strong acid and alkali environment as it was formed by uniform and dense SiC. Independent and discontinuous spherical pores(50±μm) which putting on sliding interface of SSiC sealing article, can be used as fluid or storage of lubricants on the surface of sliding elements. It can promote the sliding interface to keep the fluid-flim bearing, which improves the friction performance of SSiC products.
        Extremely strong corrosion resistance and excellent frictional characteristic makes SSiC to be a wise choice of application of industrial sealing surface. It can be applied in the field of chemical processing, petroleum refining, waste water, paper and pulp, mining, nuke industry, ocean, household appliances and so on.

S-SiC Mechanical Components

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    S-SiC Mechanical components
    SiC 99% min
    Density 3.12g/cm3 min or 3.04g/cm3
    Open Porosity 1%max or 4.0-6.0%
    Bending Strength 440(1700℃)MPa
    Compressive Strength 2400(1700℃)MPa
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 4.2 K-1x10-6
    Thermal Conductivity 60W/m.k(1700℃)
    Application temp 1600-1700℃ max
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    Sealing Rings Types Reaction
    Bonded SiC
    Pressureless Sintering SiC Hot Pressed
    Sintering SiC
    Specs SiSiC SSiC HPSiC
    SSiC-A SSiC-B SSiC-C
    Density g/cm3 >3.03 >3.08 >3.20 2.65-2.95 >3.15
    Hardness HV0.5 / >2200 >2200 / >2500
    HRA >90 >92 >92 / >93
    HS / / / >85 /
    Bending strength Mpa >350 >400 >500 >150 >550
    Compressive strength Mpa >2000 >2000 >2200 >1500 >2200
    Elastic modulus Gpa 350 400 420 120 420
    Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃ 4.0 4.0 4.2 3.0 4.0
    Thermal conductivity W/m·k 50-100 90-100 60 120 120
    Free silicon content % <12 -  
    SiC purity %   >98  
    Component   SiC Si C SiC B4C C SiC YAG SiC C SiC B4C C
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S-SiC Bullet Proof Ceramics

  • S-SiC bullet proof ceramics/td>
    SiC 99% min
    Density  3.12g/cm3 min
    Bending Strength 420MPa
    Compressive Strength 2200-2300MPa
    Vickers-hardness 2650
    Modulus of Elasticity 420Gpa

    SiC bullet proof ceramics have the advantages of high-hardness, good absorbing capacity, light-weight, excellent ballistics performance, high-temperature resistance. It is the idea materials to produce the body armor, bulletproof armors for vehicles, ships, helicopters and so on.

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